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Curriculum Certification

Can help advance your career, but it’s not yet established as
necessary to get ahead in any field.

And finally…
Check for spelling or typographical errors. Any errors are your responsibility and are one of the first things employers use to weed out the weaker candidates. Even if the role you're after doesn't require a high level of literacy, spelling errors scream lack of care, which is an undesirable quality for any recruiter. Don't put all your faith in a spell checker as many are set to American settings as a default. If you're not sure about a word, look it up in a dictionary.

Before you distribute your finished document or upload it to the Internet, get someone to look over it. Professional CV checkers see hundreds of CVs every day and can immediately spot things that may put off a potential employer.



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Employment law abiding 

A clear aware helps promote a healthy, productive work environment.

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Things to watch out for 

Work Experience: List your most recent position first, continuing in reverse chronological order. Aim to use bullet points to highlight your achievements in each role so the person scanning your CV can quickly match up your experience with their job description.

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Newspaper Ad and Story

The focus of both should be a fraternity focused on mutual benefit.

Personal Statement: Only One paragraph that immediately captures the attention of your reader and entices them to find out more about you. Be careful not to cram too much in.Instead take your main skill and relate it to the job you're after.


Ensure that you don't waste time with whom do not meet the minimum requirements for the job.

We're ready to make your CV the professional ever been


Whether a potential employer asks to see your curriculum vitae, CV or resume, they're looking for one thing – a document that proves why you're the ideal candidate to invest their time and money in. Essentially it's a sales brochure, pinpointing the interesting USPs (unique selling points) that make you stand out from the crowd.

​There's no universally accepted format, but your CV should cover these elements:


Keep an open mind, i.e., don't form an opinion too early, Listen carefully & concentrate.

Sorority Recommendations

Ask them to talk to whomever they recommended and to prepare you for the call.


When Writing Your CV:

Resist the urge to jazz up your CV with images or colour .
Steer clear of long paragraphs. Careful use of bold type, but don't overdo it. Underlining should be reserved for website links only. Use typefaces like ‘Times New Roman' or ‘Arial' - they're easier to read. Avoid using font sizes smaller than 11pt, employers won't strain their eyes to read it. Don't use txt speak and only use abbreviations if they're universally known. 

When Attending Interview:

Be yourself and be on time in a good mood, talk confident, listen, express yourself professionally.


When Negotiating Your Salary:

Maximize on your past experience, Make a list of what you have to offer, Do not bring personal needs into the discussion, Remember that the employer has a budget, Know your absolute bottom line, Do your comparative salary research.

Education & Skills : In reverse chronological order, give brief details of your academic and qualifications along with the grades you achieved. Include every package or program you have used as well as any foreign language skills you have gained.