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According to the Egyptian Culture in Salary Payment,


Employment in Egypt has a specific nature which give a mysterious environment during salary payment, and thus we are existing to handle such steps for you until you safely pay your money to your employees far from any mysteriousness, and to be sure of the accuracy of your instructions regarding who and how you will pay to.

​SMEs Work environment could be the worst nightmare because of what lies beneath salary payment, and let us compare the below scenarios:  

let us explain why you should outsource payroll !!!

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Money saving

With us you save payroll wasted money such as transportation , commission , salary , under table benefiters and much more you don’t know.  

Marsam Payroll : With us you will have many options through which your employees trust and loyalty is fulfilled, we give debit cards and payroll bank accounts for your employees with banking facilitations according to positions and levels of employment, we guarantee punctuality at the date you specify for delivering salaries, detailed pay slips, Egyptian governmental social & medical insurance, HR letters and recommendations, legal and managerial consultancy for employer and employees.

There is much more in our payroll deal, here we just say that we tailor your payroll according to your needs and implement as you give your direct orders.


When you pay salaries punctually you gain trust & loyalty from your employees, and so they will glory your output.

After pay Headache

Every employee wants to know how and why he was paid such amount, and because you are his boss, he will ask several times.

Fingertip payroll

Send salaries to your employees with a click on your computer or a signature on a paper without any prolems related.

Your Accountant: After he finish the payroll detailed sheet, and we appreciate what he is doing because we know how much headache is gained through such operation, he will seek your approval and start delivering salaries the way you know (which we don’t know) but we know that you don’t like such a process because of the waste you get, from the other side you get no options raising your employees level of trust and loyalty because they got nothing except their salaries and may be it was not on time.

We can’t say that your accountant is bad in making payroll because he will be our partner in doing the right thing further, he is just doing payroll without expert consultancy.